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PARTS + ASSEMBLY uses a mix of material and color surfaces to make geometric compositions for the wall.  The work has a uniquely architectural and modern feel with precisely cut and polished glass mirrors and simple frameless geometric compositions.  A small display shelf adds a sculptural element.  Made with small scale fabricators in and around Los Angeles, all works are made to order. Works are make by connecting parts together as a mosaic and the studio now also produces larger commissioned and site specific work with designers and design enthusiasts. Reach out, we’d love to work with you.

PARTS + ASSEMBLY is the Los Angeles based design studio of Fanae Aaron that takes a modern and minimalist approach to decorative works that are architectural and functional. An honors graduate in architecture from Sci-Arc, Fanae Aaron worked at the Los Angeles offices of the avant garde architectural firm Coop Himmelblau directly out of school and went on to set design on films including Being John Malkovich, Fight Club and Memento. She art directed commercial campaigns around the world before starting PARTS + ASSEMBLY in 2017.